Representing District 44 In The North Dakota House

What we deserve in our elected leaders are, as author Stephen Covey pointed out, competence and character. Not one or the other, but both. Karla Rose Hanson is running for the North Dakota House of Representatives in Fargo's District 44. She has a deep bucket of relevant skills that will enable her to do the work of an effective legislator: an organizer, a team builder who brings people together, a tireless worker who does her homework, a clear communicator and a problem solver with a drive for results.

Already, she has canvassed her neighborhood to fully understand concerns about community safety and the state's woeful lack of behavioral health and addiction services. Her inclusive style and determination are the most obvious indicators of this woman's commitment to public office.

With a moderate approach and fresh energy, Karla Rose Hanson will push the boundary of possibilities for social and economic prosperity statewide. Please vote for her, a genuine candidate of competence and character.

- Ryn Pitts, Fargo 

I'm supporting Karla Rose Hanson and Rep. Joshua Boschee, D-Fargo, for House.  ... I know Hanson and Boschee will work tirelessly on the pressing health-related issues our state faces, especially mental health care and addiction treatment, which has been in a crisis state for years.  (Full letter to the editor)

- Dr. Steffen Christensen, Fargo

Karla is endorsed by the North Dakota Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee for her commitment to healthy families and healthy women.

Karla is endorsed by North Dakota United - which represents 11,000 public educators and public employees.

‚ÄčND Planned Parenthood PAC

Karla is endorsed by the ND AFL-CIO for her support of policies that would benefit working families across North Dakota. 

2016 Endorsements for Karla Rose Hanson

Karla Rose Hanson

Karla Rose Hanson is a smart and extraordinarily talented woman. You'll be well served in voting for her if she's in your district, and/or paying attention to her comments wherever you live.

- Dr. Rev. Kevin Cassiday-Maloney, Fargo 

Karla Rose Hanson is committed to driving change for the betterment of everyone. She is intelligent, thoughtful, moderate and completely devoted to being a servant leader.

- Tracy Faleide, Fargo